Stanley Lucero (Laguna Pueblo) is former Tribal Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, Interpreter and Councilman for Laguna Pueblo. He is a Cultural Education Specialist in the areas of Language Retention and Cultural Preservation and teaches at Laguna Elementary School.

Cecilia Lucero (Acoma Pueblo) is a Cultural Education Specialist and has taught elementary school for many years.  She received the prestigious “Walt Disney Hand Honoree Award” of which only 32 honorees were selected across the country. She is a committed environmental advocate, especially related to tribal culture and life-ways. Cecilia is presently working with her daughter Shiyah (former Miss Indian World), to revitalize Native medicinal plants and their use for healing and wellness. 

Scott Pittman, Permaculture Institute 
Scott Pittman is one of the foremost teachers of permaculture in the U.S. and has taught the subject extensively worldwide on four continents.  He is founder of the Permaculture Drylands Institute and co-founder of the Permaculture Credit Union.  Scott co-taught with the founder of permaculture, Bill Mollison, and helped establish the permaculture movement is the Southwest.  His experience includes working with indigenous and traditional people worldwide, design projects that range from backyards to thousand-acre farms and activism in promotion of sustainable living. Working closely with Hamaatsa founding director, Larry Littlebird, Scott and his talented wife Arina, created a site analysis and visionary master plan for Hamaatsa. 

David O. Riley, Hopi/Laguna Pueblo architect
Our beloved friend and colleague crossed over on March 8, 2016
A true visionary and genius artist! He will be deeply missed. 
David Riley, has a long history of providing natural climate induced designs that incorporate solar and daylighting techniques.  His urban planning and design thoughts have been termed "visionary".  David has been involved in many community  affairs in Albuquerque and on planning tasks forces for State, County and Local governments as well as New Mexico Pueblos.  From1985-2000, David was a guest lecturer and instructor at UNM's School of Architecture and Planning from which David himself graduated in 1977.  It was during this time, that David began to take a serious look at his educational experiences and observed that a European philosophy of design was still being taught as the dominant concept in American design institutions. As an architectural activist, David has formulated a design approach through what he terms "Philosophica de Principalis do los Pueblo Nuevo".   These concepts draw from his ancestry of the Hopi and Pueblo Worldview to engage mankind in a new conversation with his Universe and to create designs that contain and express the Human Spirit.  David is working closely with Hamaatsa founding directors, Larry and Deborah Littlebird, to revive these spiritual design concepts with the architecture and building of Hamaatsa's Center.   View Design Rendering 
Photo to come
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The elders tell us, "Accept your particular life, the whole of it, then celebrate it with joy, your connection to it, so you can give back, all that has been given to you."
 Servant Leaders
Larry Littlebird (Laguna/Santo Domingo Pueblo) President
Helen Torran, Secretary/Treasurer
Bill Bailey (Cherokee)
Deborah Littlebird, Co-Founder/Executive Director
Jesse Raine Littlebird (Laguna Pueblo)
Camp Staff: Jesse Littlebird, Robert Henry and Deborah Littlebird
Copyright 2013 Hamaatsa.  All rights reserved.  HAMAATSA is a Native led 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

Larry Littlebird
Founding Director
Larry Littlebird, is a Pueblo Indian from Laguna/Santo Domingo Pueblos. Larry’s coaching and mentoring style draws upon his multi-faceted background as a Native filmmaker, artist, master storyteller, education specialist, life coach, wilderness facilitator, and his personal experience as a hunter-gatherer-farmer, informed by his rich Pueblo culture.  Larry is a visionary social entrepreneur having founded a native owned business and three other nonprofits.  His inspired programs have had a profound impact on many lives working with business executives, families, schools, foundations, churches, and community organizations.  He is the author of Hunting Sacred—Everything Listens: A Pueblo Indian Man’s Oral Tradition Legacy, which introduces readers to a timeless story of living in correct relationship with all life and is Littlebird’s personal oral tradition legacy.For complete bio click here.

Deborah Littlebird
Co Founder/ Executive Director /Tano Farm Manager
Deborah has been working alongside her husband Larry for the past twenty-five years, producing cultural life-ways retreats, educational seminars and conferences that perpetuate the oral traditions of Native people including six national Tribal American Storytelling Conferences held in Santa Fe, New Mexico which brought tribal elders and culture bearers from tribes around the nation to share their stories. At Hamaatsa, she co-facilitates contemplative spiritual retreats and story camps and as the farm-to-table chef at Tano Farm, Deborah creates artistic healthful gourmet meals inspired by Pueblo and Southwest Native cuisine. Her forthcoming cookbook, "Eat Good!" is about bringing back the sacred in the way we grow, eat and share our food. In her twenties, Deborah worked on her family's farm and greenhouse business in Michigan where she gained invaluable tools for growing heirloom vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and medicinal herbs.  She was educated at Kendall School of Design and worked as an art director/graphic designer for an award winning international design firm in Michigan. She is the mother of two gifted creative sons, Raine and Hunter who work in film, photography and music.