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Our work is on the grassroots level and funding for our cultural lifeway programs and sustainable off grid farm comes from the generosity and kindness of individuals, businesses and granting organizations. We are deeply grateful for your heartfelt support!   

~ Perpetuate the orality of         tribal American people
~ Cultural and Spiritual life-           ways continuum 
~ Story Camps 
~ Indigenous Agriculture at    Tano Farm
~ Heirloom Seed Saving
~ Permaculture systems
~ Beekeeping 
~ Medicinal Native Plants 
~ Rainwater Harvesting 
~ Indigenous Green Building
~ Chacoan Architecture Revival
~ Adobe Making
~ Woven Stone Wall Project:  
   Healing historical trauma 
Copyright 2019 Hamaatsa.  All rights reserved.  HAMAATSA is a Native led 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.
Donations of any size are welcomed and gratefully appreciated. 
Our deep gratitude
 for your support and stewardship!
Through the practice of giving, kindness and generosity you express your gratitude for the precious sanctuary that Hamaatsa is. For these beautiful pristine lands that sustain the two legged's and four legged's, the plants, the birds, the Bee People - all our relations. For the wisdom of the elders and their teachings. For the ones who are coming along behind.
General Fund
Supports the day-to-day operations at Hamaatsa - the sacred and mundane, all necessary to keep this beautiful Hamaatsa sanctuary sustained!  

2019 Tano Farm Fund Learn more
Bringing back the sacred in the way we grow our food through indigenous land wisdom and regenerative farming practices.  Our off grid sustainable farm runs on 100% renewable energy.  Help support this local food shed which addresses food deserts in Indian country.

Hamaatsa Stewards
Becoming a $25 monthly online steward is one of the best ways you can support Hamaatsa!  Your monthly giving provides reliable steady funding so crucial to sustaining our programs and cultural lifeways! 

Friend of the Bee People  Learn more
Your meaningful donation sustains the Hamaatsa Honeybee Apiary and Pollinator Project. On a global level, your stewardship contributes to the honeybee's vital importance to the environment, our global food supply and the future of all life. 

Woven Stone Wall Fund  Learn more
Your meaningful donation supports this "healing story wall", and provides funding to bring Native elders and traditional healers to Hamaatsa to lead talking circles which focus on healing historical trauma for Indigenous Peoples.  

Pollinator Project and Tree Planting
Offset your carbon footprint. Plant a tree or pollinator plant at Hamaatsa!

Building Fund for White Dawn House
Help us raise the walls for this healing house and prayer sanctuary at Hamaatsa. 
2019 building goal is $45,000.  

Mail In Donation Form
Online donations are made securely through PayPal. There is a 2.5% transaction fee charged to Hamaatsa. Therefore, for larger donations you may prefer to mail in your donation.

HAMAATSA:  Walking Backward into the Future