WHAT IF you could redirect $25 you already spend every month toward the stewardship of 320 acres of environmentally protected ancestral lands? Wild land. A little spot on the earth where indigenous spiritual roots of sustainability are still nurtured for future generations; where honeybees thrive surrounded by 12,000 acres of pesticide free forage; where indigenous farming practices are bringing back the sacred in the way we eat, grow and harvest our food. A place where storytellers, poets and mystics still gather around small fires to share holy words, songs, poetry and good healing stories.  

Become a LAND, FARM or STORY STEWARD with a monthly pledge! Your monthly stewardship in action through giving provides steady funding so crucial to sustain this precious land sanctuary and ancient circle of Native wisdom!

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Your monthly Land Stewardship supports:
Hermitage. Your stewarding honors these pristine ancestral Puebloan lands in New Mexico - a wild place where people can listen to the voice in the land and reconnect to beauty in nature.

Arroyo Los Tanos Watershed restoration project will humidify the landscape and reestablish grasses, forbs, woody shrubs and provide watering holes for wildlife developing a riparian aquifer that will sustain a healthy wetland ecology at Hamaatsa. 

Woven Stone Wall is a communal healing wall for all people with an emphasis on First Nations people, families and communities.  Through traditional talking circles, people share historical trauma stories in the safe nurutring process of the listening circle and then make a cathartic pilgrimage to the wall to place a healing stone. 

White Dawn HouseGosh-cuy-ya-nhi Cuh-drew-dhi, is the prayer sanctuary being built at Hamaatsa.  It is from this “heart center” which everything else radiates. This healing-prayer house is modeled after the original spiritual house given to the ancient Pueblo people by the Creator.  

Demonstration Site. As a small-scale, sustainable community, Hamaatsa is an educational demonstration site for simple "off grid" living integrating renewable energy systems including wind, solar, and water harvesting.

HAMAATSA is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.Your contributions are tax deductible.
Thank you for coming alongside us for healing land and people!
Hamaatsa Stewardship Fund


Amuu Haadtsi, Amuu Hanu 
Beloved Land, Beloved People
Help us sustain this indigenous continuum and wild land sanctuary for the strong brave feet that are coming along behind us to carry this vision for healing land and people! 

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Your monthly Farm Stewardship supports:
Tano Farm at Hamaatsa. Organic vegetable gardens for bringing back the sacred 
in the way we grow our food with an emphasis on regenerating heirloom crops for healthy diets and addressing food insecurity. 

Seed restoration and seed saving bank of non-GMO heirloom seeds

Orchard and Food Forest creates a rich biodiverse edible landscape with heritage fruit trees and hundreds of varieties of biodiverse edible perennials and shrubs. 

Medicinal native plants and botanical herb gardens for healing teas, tinctures and salves. Coming 2019 - The Tea House!

Market Crops. Tano Farm Purple Asparagus and Native Blue Corn perpetuate heirloom crops and create sustainble income for young farmers. 

Farm Internships and youth/elder apprenticeship support teaching the younger generation of farmers crucial for addressing food insecurity, obesity and healthy nutritional diets.

Honeybee Apiary and Pollinator Project which contributes to the honeybee's vital importance to the environment, our global food supply and the future of all life.
Come experience this beloved land sanctuary - a threshold place, where sacred words and seeds are still alive in the land.
Join us with a Stewardship Pledge and help sustain this 
beautiful wild place for years to come!  
"The rising epidemic of nature deficit disorder is disconnecting us from the natural environment with harmful consequences for our mental, emotional and physical health". 
"Pristine wild places are disappearing from Mother Earth. Research declares only about 23 percent of the land across the globe can be labeled wilderness today." 
Your monthly Story Stewardship supports:
Listening Ground perpetuates the orality of tribal American people
for future generations by bridging the​ ancient technology of Native oral tradition culture ​with today's digital media technologies.

Slow Story regenerates the ancient circle of the consecrated storyteller and story listener. Pueblo Elder/Master Storyteller, Larry Littlebird shares oral tradition stories in real time encounters and pilgrimages on his ancestral lands in New Mexico. This online series is an extraordinary opportunity for story listeners and storyworkers to experience tribal American orality through the portal of your computer. 
"Story Listeners are the lifeblood of an oral tradition, if there were no listeners then the stories would end." - Larry Littlebird
We gratefully accept donations of any size to support 
Hamaatsa: Land, Farm, and Story