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Becoming a $25 monthly online steward is one of the best ways you can support Hamaatsa!  Your monthly giving provides reliable steady funding so crucial to sustaining our programs and cultural lifeways! As a Hamaatsa Steward you can choose to have your monthly pledge charged to a debit or credit card through our safe and secure online PayPal form.  This option is most efficient for us and eliminates the need for monthly reminders, check writing and stamps.  It helps the environment too, because it’s paperless!

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Impact of Your Monthly Support
As a Hamaatsa Steward your monthly giving supports and sustains the following significant projects as they develop and unfold at Hamaatsa in the priority of needed funding.

Arroyo Los Tanos Watershed Restoration
The source of the highest water harvesting potential at Hamaatsa is the large Arroyo de los Tanos which is the drainage for a very large water shed.  The water rushes down the channel to the Rio Grande carrying with it soil, biomass, and seed.  Due to this erosive hydrological cycle the whole water shed is impoverished. This watershed restoration project includes making swales and wattles, one rock dams and gabions for drainage. These landscape practices will humidify the landscape and reestablish grasses, forbs, woody shrubs and trees.  The water held upstream will provide watering holes for wildlife.  Fertile growing areas will benefit from the additional water and diversions channels for runoff will be directed into organic gardens, orchards and food forest. Over time with careful planting on the banks of the drainage channels and arroyos sediment will accumulate in the stream bed and the development of a riparian aquifer will sustain a healthy wetland ecology at Hamaatsa.
Monthly giving supports educational/permaculture programs, tools, supplies, plants, trees and seeds needed for restoring this vital watershed.

Hamaatsa Harvest - Indigenous Farming Project
Your ongoing reliable monthly giving supports:
•Our organic gardens with an emphasis on restoring traditional Native vegetables for healthy diets. 
•Seed restoration and seed saving bank.
•The cultivation and harvesting of medicinal plants and herbs for healing.
•Market crops and demonstration programs for creating sustainability for Hamaatsa.
Projects which address food insecurity and hunger in Indian Country.

Orchards and Food Forest
Adding plants and trees to create a rich biodiversity in our orchard and food forest guilds.   As of Spring (2011) we have nine fruit tree orchard guilds, asparagus beds, raspberry and wild plum hedges,  grapes and a large variety of 40 biodiverse trees and shrubs.
Your monthly stewardship supports educational/permaculture programs, seeds, tree plantings, tools and sustainabilty through healthy edible landscapes.

Hamaatsa Honeybee Apiary
Your monthly support nurtures the Hamaatsa Honeybee Apiary and Pollinator Project! And on a global level, your stewardship contributes to the honeybee's vital importance to the environment, our global food supply and the future of all life!

Woven Stone Wall
WOVEN STONE WALL is a communal healing wall for First Nations people. The work of placing stone serves as a way to physically touch, and personally connect to tribal memories alive in the land. Vivid touch and deep feeling then allow the shared historical trauma and intergenerational grief all have suffered and lived through to be clearly seen.  With new insight and meaningful understanding a healthy choice can be made to begin anew once more. Against the striking backdrop of the Ortiz Mountains this healing wall is being hand-built without machinery, in much the same manner as the people of Chaco Canyon raised stone structures.  The wall begins at the historic marker on the south boundary of Hamaatsa.
Your monthly giving supports the careful design and building of the wall, stone artisan mentorships and scholarships for cultural lifeway programs and historical trauma talking circles for Native youth and families.

Spiritual Architecture at Hamaatsa
Gosh-cuy-ya-nhi-cuh-drew-dhi, White Dawn House, is the spiritual house to be built at Hamaatsa.  It is from this “heart center” which everything else radiates. This place of worship will be modeled after the original house given to the ancient Pueblo people by the Creator.  With the coming of the Spanish, Pueblo people were forced to live within land holdings established by the Royal Crown, and convert to Catholicism with churches built in their villages.  Later, the United States federal government, reduced the land holdings to present reservation lands held in trust without true aboriginal ownership. Today, the Pueblo people still retain their indigenous spirituality, although, it overlaps and integrates with the Catholic Church.  Pueblo elder, Larry Littlebird, assisted by other elders is re-establishing this original spiritual house at Hamaatsa, for Hobah-Hanu, all the people. 

Tzitch-cuh-drew-dhi, The Place Where The People Gather, lines up with White Dawn House, within a spiritual architectural plan carefully designed by Pueblo/Hopi architect, David Riley working closely with Larry Littlebird. This large Pueblo family style house, based on Chacoan architectural principles, will include classrooms, a council room, an art studio, office space, kitchen/dining area, indoor and outdoor common areas and guest lodging for twenty. It is from this house that all our programs will grow and take root. 
Donations add essential ongoing support for brick and mortar. 

Renewable Energy Systems
As a small-scale, sustainable community, Hamaatsa is a demonstration site for living simply on the land.  The eco-friendly learning center is being built entirely "off grid", integrating renewable energy systems including wind, solar, and water harvesting.
Your ongoing support helps design and install these systems for The Center.

Tipi and Ceremonial Grounds
Your support helps with the upkeep and maintenance of the ceremonial grounds and tipi/camping area where we conduct our outdoor summer and fall programs.

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Thank you for coming alongside us for restoring land, people and culture!

What if you could redirect $25 you already spend every month toward the stewardship of 320 acres of pristine environmentally protected ancestral lands? A little spot on the earth where indigenous spiritual roots of sustainability are being nurtured for future generations; where honeybees thrive in an organic environment surrounded by 12,000 acres of pesticide free forage; where indigenous farming practices are bringing back the sacred in the way we eat, grow and harvest our food.  You can.  Become a Hamaatsa Steward!
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