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Our Story
HAMAATSA is an indigenous continuum - story gathering place and sustainable living farm located on 320-acres of environmentally protected aboriginal lands in the rolling foothills of the Ortiz Mountains, just south of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our mission is committed to regenerative and sustainable living, spiritual wholeness, and cultural restoration informed by Pueblo Indian lifeways and indigenous land wisdom. 

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES have lived intimately rooted in regenerative circles of life. Today's industrialized societies disconnect us from natural systems critical for survival.  At Hamaatsa, we emphasize spiritual roots of sustainability for living in concert with the land and bringing back the sacred in the way we grow, eat, harvest and share our food.

ENCOUNTERING HAMAATSA. One can encounter Hamaatsa through three gateways: (1) An indigenous continuum-story gathering place offering culturally relevant life-way programs for Native youth, adults and families and for non-Native people working toward restoration for First Nations communities; providing indigenous models for social change, healing and well being.   (2) A small-scale sustainable farm and off grid demonstration site for living simply on the land, advocating sustainable land planning, indigenous permaculture design, green building, renewable energy systems and land/water restoration projects. (3) A contemplative spiritual retreat for individuals and organizations who desire a healthy nurturing environment and pristine sanctuary for spiritual renewal, personal contemplation and transformative leadership gatherings for groups.

ORGANIZATION. Hamaatsa is a Native led 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. The founding directors are Larry Littlebird, from Laguna/Santo Domingo Pueblo and his wife, Deborah Littlebird. The organization uses an indigenous approach to governance through a Council Process. The Board of Directors and a strong cadre of indigenous elders, culture bearers, and teachers and non-native advisors are working together to accomplish the organization's mission.

MASTER PLAN.  Our first step toward development of the Center was to finalize the purchase of the 320-acre land base. We joyfully fulfilled our land purchase on August 1, 2007! Historically, this property is aboriginal home lands of the Pueblo Indian people and was an ideal match for the HAMAATSA mission for restoration of indigenous land stewardship. Following the land acquisition, a site analysis and visionary long range master plan was created for the 320-acre land base.  We worked with world renowned permaculture designer, Scott Pittman and his talented wife, Arina.  After a year of careful planning and design, the master plan was completed.  The beautiful hand-rendered plan details our vision for restoring these aboriginal lands to environmental health and simple sustainable living.  Click here to see the visionary master plan.

ARCHITECTURE.  Our next step was to create our architectural plans for the center. David O. Riley, (Hopi/Laguna Pueblo) architect joined the project as lead architect.  David worked closely with Larry Littlebird to incorporate Chacoan architectural principles for a spiritually inspired design for Hamaatsa.  Tzitch'cuh'drew'dhi, "The Place Where the People Gather", features Puebloan architecture (pre-European contact) and utilizes sacred geometry design principles.  This family style Puebloan house incorporates indoor and outdoor spaces emphasizing our migration pattern in relationship to this particular landscape.  A large indoor gathering room and kitchen will open  to an outdoor space for gathering and dining which will then flow back inside to a circular storytelling/council room. The Center will have a lodging capacity for twelve with simple guest rooms and a bath house. Gardens, orchards and food forests with moving water will be integrated throughout the property with quiet areas for meditative reflection.  Click here to see the architectural rendering for the Center.

PROGRAMS emphasize experiential land-based learning including hands-on adobe making, stone wall construction, permaculture classes, and watershed restoration. Cultural life-way programs for Native youth and families are designed for mentoring and equipping "emergent leaders" in the areas of language preservation, revitalization of oral traditions, indigenous agriculture and the use of native medicinal plants for healthy diets and diabetes prevention. Hamaatsa talking circles provide community dialogues and forums to address social change and critical issues facing First Nations people, such as historical trauma and colonization.

FUNDING comes from the generosity and kindness of individuals and granting organizations. We are presently seeking funding for Tano Farm, our indigenous farming project, Hamaatsa Honeybee Apiary, our Pollinator Project and Woven Stone Wall.  Donations of any size are welcomed and gratefully appreciated!

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Thank you for coming alongside us for the restoration of land, people and culture.

Copyright 2013 Hamaatsa.  All rights reserved.  HAMAATSA is a Native led 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.