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We are deeply grateful to our friends and stewards who seeded this farm vision with helping hands, prayers and heartfelt support. Ha'wuuh, ha'wuuh, thank you!

Your support helps our farm's heart song sing! 

Donations of any size are welcomed and much appreciated!

TANO FARM is rooted in place, story and ancestry - bringing back the sacred in the way we grow our food through indigenous land wisdom and regenerative farming practices.  Our heirloom vegetable crops are open pollinated, non GMO and are naturally grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.
    Our off grid sustainable living farm is located on Hamaatsa's 320 acres of environmentally protected aboriginal lands, south of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The farm is run on 100% renewable energy through solar power.
    We have a 3-acre food forest which has evolved over the past ten years into an orchard and biodiverse edible landscape. We grow Pueblo heritage blue corn, companion sister crops of beans and squash and many heirloom vegetables (pictured). We have established Asparagus beds (our delicious Purple Passion asparagus is a sought after market crop!) and other specialty perennial crops such as raspberries, rhubarb, grapes, medicinal herbs, and cover crops. 
    Throughout this pristine property there is also an abundance of seasonal edible wild plants such as wild celery, wild onion, yucca blossoms, cholla buds, prickly pear and many native herbs and teas. 

In 2015, we launched our farm-to-market project and had a bountiful harvest at our inaugural farmer's booth at the Downtown Grower's Market in Albuquerque, from May through October and then again in 2016. Presently, we sell our signature Tano Farm Purple Asparagus and Blue Corn directly to local restaurants and chefs.
    We are not “certified organic”, however all our crops are grown using tried and true organic growing methods combined with age old indigenous farming wisdom from the Rio Grande Pueblo people.  Our locally grown crops are lovingly cared for by hand with no pesticides or fertilizers. We plant only heirloom, non-GMO organic and open pollinated seeds.   

Join us in revitalizing this local food shed! Your tax-deductible donations support these four pathways: 

This farm to market project inspires all of us to grow, eat and share food within our local food shed area.  It’s a win-win project, with many benefits: 
• creates sustainability for Tano Farm through market crops 
• restores ancient Puebloan farm lands and watersheds
• provides fresh local produce through farmer’s markets and restaurants
• addresses critical issues of food insecurity, hunger, diabetes and obesity in Indian country and underserved rural communities through nutrition education and accessible, affordable CSA vegetable boxes

Presently, there are not enough farmers to meet the supply and demand for fresh local farm grown produce. Studies and predictions indicate that eating organic produce was up by 11.8% in 2010 over 2009 and that with this steady increase that there are not enough growers bringing their crops to market.  At Tano Farm at Hamaatsa, we are committed to mentor the younger generation of farmers. Through our traditional farming curriculum, students will experience real time, hands-on gardening and learn how to make a living from their own farming practices.  They will create a marketing plan and budget, learn about best market crops and how to effectively and profitably bring crops to market through lessons learned during the growing season.

An outreach program which addresses the critical issues of food insecurity, malnutrition, hunger, diabetes and obesity in food deserts and rural Pueblo communities. True Food Feast promotes bringing back traditional farming practices and the healthy diet, once a way of life for Pueblo Indian people, before commodity foods, fast food and Walmart, which today are the main food sources for many Native families. During the long growing season, we will deliver discounted and donated weekly produce (CSA boxes) to neighboring Pueblo families along the Rio Grande food shed.  The weekly boxes will include an educational newsletter and recipes with nutrition facts to help educate people on the importance of eating a diet of fresh organic vegetables. Program scholarships will also be made available to interested individuals who want to attend our farming courses.  Our emphasis is on mentoring Native youth.  Relevant courses offered include:  building healthy soil, crop selection, rotation and green manures, healthy diet and nutrition, seed saving and traditional food preserving.

Topbar beehives nurture the Bee People at Hamaatsa and are a critical link to our overall health and the wellbeing of our ecosystem by bringing back the bees into our local food shed.

Copyright 2013 Hamaatsa.  All rights reserved.  HAMAATSA is a Native led 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.
Yellow Moon and Stars
Cherokee Purple Tomato
Chioggia Beet
Red Russian Kale
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