My first experience out at Hamaatsa was a watershed restoration project, but before we even started, and at various points during the day, we did some simple blessings, and thank yous, for this land we were preparing. People can be a benefit to the land.  There is so much example out there today where we can see how people have hurt the land, and hurt each other.  This is a place where we have a chance to see what its like to help each other, to help the land by listening to it, asking questions, patiently sitting still, and listening to what is here. 
  Larry and Deborah always make me feel so welcome, they are genuinely glad to see me coming up the road.  This land, this Hamaatsa, is a peaceful place, there are no hurries here, yet so much has been done in just 3 short years, there is a foundation of peace here, its easy to feel it, and everyone is encouraged to relax, to be themselves, to come alongside and help, to give and receive simple blessings,and  thank yous. - Peter Callen, Placitas, NM
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In a world where so much time is spent focusing on problems and where the lack is, Hamaatsa and Larry Littlebird gives me the gift of getting to count my blessings. Just standing on the land there fills my heart and soul with peace and belief in the future. Additionally, longer stays through workshops and classes have profoundly changed my world view, my connection to our planet, my relationships with other humans, and ultimately, with myself.  - Lynne Whitbeck, Santa Fe, NM
I have another way to see how the native people lived and how life has to be balanced.  The goodness and the clarity of all handling and living ways was for me wonderful.  Now I see a good way to challenge my life in Switzerland and go further on my way to people.  Larry Littlebird taught me to see with my heart!  Like the  French Poet says: On ne voit bien gu'avec le Couer!  You see even better with the heart!
Jean-Claude, Switzerland

My arrival on the shores of Hamaatsa happened five years ago, yet it is as deeply familiar and as intimate to me as my own feelings, and also as mysterious and humbling as wind or love.  Hamaatsa is a place that has received me and reunited me with truths I knew as a child:  that I am  part of a breathing earth that extends to me, and to us all, everything we need if we approach her with love and care and listen to her wisdom.  Hamaatsa is a place where we can gather, work, celebrate and listen to that wisdom, guided by the spirit of people who have moved in concert with this place for thousands of years.  

Larry and Deborah Littlebird have realized a place that is sacred to many of us and that we all hold in mutual regard and gratitude.  A place held in trust for, and by, the Hanu – the good hearted people.  Here we are able to be together in easy relationship,  bringing ourselves in offering to do what we can to “start over” – to care for this place, and for one another.  Here, no matter who we are or where we’ve come from, we can join again with the spirits of our own ancestors to know again what it is to touch and be touched by a place on earth.  As Larry would say:  “It’s like that.”  - Frances Lee McCain, Albuquerque, NM
My name is Bryan Lappe aka Dowser Lappe, and The Gringo Brujo, I got lucky Larry and Deborah called me out to dowser Hamaatsa for a location for a fresh water well.  This was the first time I was on Hamaatsa land.   I did my thing and found one Spirit for them on the land on where they were not to build. I was informed later that the well was drilled and had good water.  Later on I was invited to the blessing of the well.  I really wanted to be there but already had plans to go to CA. I had to bow out. Later I was invited out to the land and spent the afternoon.  I must say that is the coldest and sweetest water than from any place I have ever dowsed in my life and at that time I had been dowsing I believe for 65 or 67 years. The Spirits and the Man  up above was with me and the land.   
Since that time I have be invited to the land several time and have become good and close friends with Larry and Deborah.  Seems like when Larry and I are together our minds are to gather on another plain or planet.   Each time I am on Hamaatsa or my land I have just sold. I feel closer to the Spirits and my Maker than anywhere else.   
My first visit to Hamaatsa in 2009 felt like entering a new world.  After a week, I left with wonderful impressions and I knew I'd have to come back and do some more work and learning.  In 2010, "the road back in", felt like coming home and I enjoyed two whole weeks at Hamaatsa.  Larry and Deborah created a unique place, not only by working on the land, but by putting their hearts and blessings into Hamaatsa.  It doesn't matter if I walk over to the well to greet the sun early in the morning or if I plant some seeds or if I dig a ditch.  Everything is connected, meaningful and always joyful.  It is a place where it is so easy to be myself and it is such a blessing to work side by side with these wonderful people.  Everything is so simple, but it makes me think twice about a lot of other topics as there is always a profound background.  The excellent point is, that it almost feels like seeing with the heart - none of this heavy and disruptive brain work.  My perception of my surroundings really changed and I definitely will go back to work, learn and share some more. - Ralf, Switzerland
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