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 Hamaatsa Pollinator Project
Offset your carbon footprint. Plant a pollinator at Hamaatsa!
Over the past four years, our fall tree planting events have been a huge success. We have planted over 60 trees at Hamaatsa! They are all thriving even through this severe drought time in New Mexico.  Our goal is to plant more fruit trees and beneficial shrubs in our food forest and tree guilds.  We especially want to add honeybee pollinators to support our bee hives!

At Hamaatsa, there was once a mature forest on these aboriginal lands.  Large scatterings of petrified wood are a testament to the trees that once thrived here. Hamaatsa lies within an "Area of Critical Environmental Concern", where there are endangered grasses and plants throughout the 320 environmentally protected property.

Our deep gratitude to the many generous folks who are coming alongside our mission for restoring land and people!  Together, and with great joy we are creating a rich biodiverse edible landscape and restoring this ancient watershed that runs through Hamaatsa - regenerating these sacred lands back to health and wholeness once again. 

Offsetting your carbon footprint (created with our cars, air travel, industry and energy) through reforestation efforts is one of the cheapest, most effective means of drawing CO2 from the atmosphere.

An average healthy tree stores about 13 pounds of carbon annually.

Planting one tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide over it's normal lifetime.

Donate a Tree or Beneficial Pollinator Plant!

Donations are gratefully appreciated for trees and pollinator plants for the Hamaatsa Food Forest! Secure online donations can be made through PayPal.

You can also mail in your "plant/tree" donation.  Download donation form.

Suggested Donations:
$25 for perennial pollinator plants
$50 -75 for 3'- 4' beneficial /pollinator shrubs
$100 for trees (5' and up)

Our Commitment to Planting Local Heritage Trees
As part of our commitment toward restoring our local environment, economy and food system, we purchase only local heritage trees when possible through Plants of the Southwest (Santa Fe and Albuquerque) and Tooley's Trees (Truchas, NM).  Both places use locally grown stock methods and carefully selected plants to match climate and soil types for this region.  Some of these local varieties have almost become extinct. Plants of the Southwest is graciously supporting Hamaatsa through an ongoing discount for all our plant and tree purchases.
Visit our photo gallery and see how our food forest is growing and thriving!