Summer monsoon bring rain blessings to this high desert landscape


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TANO FARM IS ROOTED in place, story and ancestry, bringing back the sacred in the way we grow our food through indigenous land wisdom, regenerative permaculture practices and the art of herbal medicine. Our small-scale off-grid sustainable living farm is located on Hamaatsa's 320-acre environmentally protected land sanctuary and runs on 100% renewable energy. 


We incorporate biodiverse food gardens and age-old growing methods of the indigenous Rio Grande people creating healthy foodsheds with an emphasis on addressing climate change and cultivating food security. Our food forest, orchard and medicinal herb gardens are lovingly cared for by hand with no tilling.  We don't use pesticides or fertilizers and only grow open pollinated, heirloom, non-GMO seeds. 

Throughout this pristine high desert landscape there is an abundance of seasonal native plants. Deborah Littlebird, certified herbalist, farmer and artist, shares her passion for wildcrafting small batch medicinal herbs and emboldening others in Backyard Herbalism to create one's own kitchen cupboard apothecary. As a field-to-table cook, Deborah artfully prepares meals with healing foods and her Land Art Tea Sanctuaries weave together her faith, art and tea offering sanctuary to sit quietly and listen to the voice in the land.