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shepherd's hut


COME TO GROUND with a pilgrimage to Hamaatsa's pristine 320-acre wild land sanctuary. Experience a liminal landscape, a thin place, in the solitude of the beautiful New Mexico high desert. Come, walk the pilgrim way. Experience a slowed down daily rhythm – in beauty. Place your quiet footprints upon this ancient landscape. Listen to the voice in the land. Let your unfolding story gently guide you on the path of coming home. 


Hermitage accommodation is in our bespoke Shepherd’s Hut in a sheltered Juniper hollow with stunning views and sunsets over the Mountains. The graceful tiny abode is ideal for a hermit or a couple, pilgrims, peregrinas or peregrinos, to dwell in a simple shelter in a remote location. The Hermitage offers a contemplative experience to immerse oneself in personal prayer and encounter blessing in a wild landscape.  

There’s something magical about spending time in a sheltered place set in the pastoral Juniper savannah landscape of Hamaatsa.  The small dwelling holds rustic charm with a warm wood interior and thoughtful artistic touches such a vintage stained glass door. Each window has a stunning view of the Southwest landscape. There is a cozy memory foam double bed, small café table which also serves as a writing desk and an old-fashioned cast iron woodstove for heat in the high desert colder weather. 

The Hermitage is the perfect place to unplug for a personal contemplative sojourn or cloister away for a writer or artist retreat. Meditative nature walks and miles of hiking and exploring are right out your front door. In addition to our 320-acre wild land sanctuary, there are 12,000 acres of unspoiled landscape in the adjacent BLM "Area of Critical Environmental Concern” where you will encounter wild horses and a magical Painted Desert landscape formed from ancient geological ocean beds. At night, stargazing is superb in the dark skies away from the city’s light pollution as the high desert air lulls you into a good night’s sleep in your cozy bed. Awaken refreshed to raven cawing overhead and savor your coffee in the crisp Juniper scented morning.