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upon this earth

Amuu Haadtsi, Amuu Hanu - Beloved Land, Beloved People

A VOICE IN THE LAND is softly singing in a language of peace, reawakening the origins of Holiness in our common humanity with God and all beings.

Once homelands to the Puebloan people, Hamaatsa is an indigenous continuum, wild land sanctuary and hermitage retreat on 320-acres of pristine environmentally protected lands in the the foothills of the Ortiz Mountains, south of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Four sacred mountains grace our horizons in four directions: the Sangre de Cristo, Oritz, Sandia and Jemez Mountains. 


HAMAATSA occupies a liminal space. A thin place. It is here on this threshold one can encounter beauty in nature and discover ways of blessing. Experience a Hermitage on these pristine aboriginal lands through the four seasons in this New Mexico high desert landscape. 

Gently rolling hills and mesas characterize the topography covered with grasslands and Juniper savannah. The 320-acre sanctuary lies within an environmentally protected "Area of Critical Environmental Concern" and is rich in indigenous cultural history, geological and paleontological significance. Hamaatsa protects and stewards the Arroyo de los Tanos watershed and the endangered plants and wildlife indigenous to this landscape. The master plan includes critical guidelines for keeping our footprint light upon this sacred land place.