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all the people

The Elders tell us, "Accept your particular life, the whole of it, then celebrate it with joy,

your connection to it, so you can give back, all that has been given to you."  



HAMAATSA is committed to spiritual wholeness, cultural restoration and regenerative living informed by indigenous wisdom and life-ways for healing land and people. We operate on a modest sustainable income with a handful of people coming alongside storytellers, culture bearers, artists, social activists and farmer-herbalists. We nurture artistic creativity and foster self-sufficiency as we reverently carry the stories and wisdom of our elders forward and remember how they tell us: be brave, be strong, keep going. 

Children born for peace. We are the voice in the land that bears witness to the American Indian holocaust and the past and present injustices of First Nations peoples. May we be a spark to kindle justice for healing the soul wounds of our nations. Shall the People continue and may the generations coming along behind realize peace, forgiveness and restoration.

Hamaatsa, founded in 2006 by Larry and Deborah Littlebird, is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit and operates with a Board of Directors and Advisory Council who model an age-old indigenous approach to governance through sacred council process. The Council's core precepts serve its individuals, families, community and constituents with regard and respect for all our relations as we work and live together in sisterly and brotherly unity.

Board of Directors

Deborah Littlebird, President

Jesse Raine Littlebird (Laguna Pueblo)

Bill Bailey (Cherokee Tribe)

Greg Valerio, MBE, England

Hunter Littlebird (Laguna Pueblo)

Larry Littlebird, Retired/Board Emeritus

Our Founders

Larry  Littlebird, (Laguna/Santo Domingo Pueblos) and Deborah Littlebird 

In Loving Memory

Helen Torran, Board Secretary and faithful sustainer passed away on February 23, 2022.


Beloved Pueblo Elders who crossed over:

Stanley Lucero (Laguna Pueblo)

David Riley (Hopi/Laguna Pueblo)

Bill Sunrise (Santo Domingo Pueblo)

Andrew Ahsona (Cochiti Pueblo)

Philip Duran (Tigua)

Jose & Amelita Toledo (Jemez Pueblo)

Lucy Yepa Lowden (Jemez Pueblo)

Ignacia Duran (Tesuque Pueblo)