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in all time, divine order, everything


Consider the corn plant being like a human life.  The plant emerges from the silent seed, rising toward the light on a spiraling journey.  The thrusting stalk reaches levels of experience; its growth tells the story.  The corn maturing on the stalk is full with rich seeds, rich stories to be told again and again; giving nourishment.  The drying tassel rattling in the breeze tells the story of completing this journey and the continuing movement reconnecting one living mystery with another.

We teach age-old growing methods of the indigenous Rio Grande people for creating healthy foodsheds with an emphasis on addressing climate change and cultivating food security. 

Cultivating the Sacred is a contemplative reverent action for living simply. At Hamaatsa, this spiritual action is informed by an indigenous ecology and modeled upon the successful hunter-gatherer and agricultural societies of tribal America.   It is the discovery of an individual’s spiraling path in relationship to Creator, the earth’s journey and the elements and rhythms of the seasonal cycles.  It is about showing up and becoming humble and teachable in order to receive your own experience integrating your whole being: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Instinctual.

Throughout the New Mexico high desert landscape there is an abundance of seasonal native medicinal plants. Deborah Littlebird, herbalist, farmer and artist, shares her passion for wildcrafting small batch medicinal herbs and emboldening others in Backyard Herbalism to create one's own kitchen cupboard apothecary. As a gourmet natural foods cook, Deborah artfully prepares meals with healing foods and her Land Art Tea Sanctuaries weave together her faith, art and tea offering sanctuary to sit quietly and listen to the voice in the land. 

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