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What will happen when we lose our language that speaks to God?


This song translation was given to Larry Littlebird by Dewey Healing, Hopi, Arizona, 1982

Tewa Song | Larry Littlebird
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Story about the Song | Larry Littlebird
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The beautiful songs and stories of my Keres people do not easily translate into simple English words.  Drum sounds, singing vocables and Keres words in our songs are nuanced with layers of depth and meaning rooted in our ages-old oral tradition culture. Some of these songs are so epic they translate into an entire origin story experience.

- Larry Littlebird


SLOW STORY ​regenerates the ancient circle of the consecrated storyteller and story listener. Join Pueblo Indian Elder/Master Storyteller, Larry Littlebird in real time encounters and pilgrimages on his ancestral lands in New Mexico. This story series offers an extraordinary opportunity for story listeners and storyworkers to have rare access to a rich story depository from Littlebird's tribal American oral tradition.

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