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the One who sings our life


STORY LISTENERS are the lifeblood of an oral tradition, if there were no listeners then the stories would end. Quietly, around small lodge fires, the great stories are still being told. Their good healing power requires story listeners, who breathe on them with a kind of breath that comes from the spirit still alive in this land. - Larry Littlebird 


TELLING A STORY is like pulling a haze away from a mountain.  For tribal American people, the storyteller is a consecrated person who must remain both humble enough to carry ancient tales accurately and honestly and wise enough to put life into the way the story is told.  It is in the stories that perceptions are made clear and the haze is burned away.

When a person has a chance to hear a story, they have the opportunity to learn by performing the act of listening carefully. Then someday in the course of hearing many stories, you gain understanding and use the stories to become a richer and more full human being from taking in all the gifts the story has to give. - Larry Littlebird

Listening Ground at Hamaatsa perpetuates the orality of tribal American people for future generations by bridging the ancient technology of Native oral tradition culture with today's digital technologies. Slow Story online series with Larry Littlebird regenerates the ancient circle of the consecrated storyteller and the story listener. Slow down, open your listening hearts. Come to ground again and discover your own slow story.  A new verse, an old song, a woven prayer.