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LARRY LITTLEBIRD (Laguna/Santo Domingo Pueblo) is the Founding Director of Hamaatsa where he celebrates an indigenous holistic way of life. A master storyteller, Native filmmaker and author of Hunting Sacred, Everything Listens, Larry shares spiritual roots of sustainability and ways of blessing for inspiring transformative leadership and social action. His experiential programs have had a profound impact on people's lives, globally and locally. Read Larry's Blog > 

Larry coaches individuals, business executives, management teams, schools, foundations, and tribal and community organizations. Learning to Listen is a provocative spoken word experience that Littlebird presents as a keynote speaker and custom tailors for group retreats, conferences and story camps. Learn more >
Copyright 2016 Hamaatsa.  All rights reserved.  HAMAATSA is a Native led 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.
"THE STORY is more than a reminder of humanity or a teacher of tribal ways. It is a thing that people hunger after.  Need to remain alive. Like a natural portion of fresh water, clean air, good food.  If the American air has gone strange, the water turned murky and the food become filled with unnatural additives, can you imaging how unhealthy the story told has become?"  - Larry Littlebird

is an indigenous continuum and story gathering place.

 is committed to simple regenerative living informed by indigenous land wisdom and cultural life ways.

We offer story camps for leaders, contemplative spiritual retreats and hands-on programs at our sustainable off grid farm.

 is a Pueblo Indian word referring to a time arriving "now" within an indigenous experience.  A time and a place to start over again.

Larry's TEDx Talk
Front Page news!
July 4, 2016  / Albuquerque Journal
Hamaatsa Public Access Road dispute 
with San Felipe Pueblo

Read Hamaatsa Statement (6/27/16)
“In our Keres language, we have a word, “Bah’shraa’me”. It expresses a kind caring action towards others and acknowledges the power and mystery of a divine plan of an almighty Creator as the way for harmony and peace to prevail for and toward one another. This behavior from the San Felipe Pueblo tribal government executed towards Hamaatsa is not the way exemplified by my Pueblo people. It instead reflects behavior worldwide of other humans where the oppressed become the oppressor. We can all benefit to take note of this dramatic historic incident unfolding within our beautiful state of New Mexico.” – Larry Littlebird  

June 20, 2016 / Albuquerque Journal
Learning Center says it's penned in