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is an indigenous continuum and story gathering place.

 is committed to  regenerative living informed by tribal American wisdom and cultural life ways. We offer story camps and contemplative spiritual retreats on our pristine 
wild land sanctuary. 

 is a Pueblo Indian word referring to a time arriving "now" within an indigenous experience.  A time and a place to start over again.

Online Video Series with Larry Littlebird

SLOW STORY regenerates the ancient cirlce of the consecrated storyteller and story-listener. Join Pueblo Elder/Master Storyteller, Larry Littlebird in real time encounters on his ancestral lands and various pilgrimage sites. Offered as an online series, this is an extraordinary opportunity for story listeners and storyworkers to experience tribal American orality through the portal of your computer. 

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"THE STORY is more than a reminder of humanity or a teacher of tribal ways. It is a thing that people hunger after. Need to remain alive. Like a natural portion of fresh water, clean air, good food. If the American air has gone strange, the water turned murky and the food become filled with unnatural additives, can you imaging how unhealthy the story told has become?"  
- Larry Littlebird

Copyright 2018 Hamaatsa. All rights reserved. HAMAATSA is a Native led 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.
SLOW STORY is a project of Listening Ground at Hamaatsa, and perpetuates the orality of tribal 
American people for future generations by bridging the ancient technology of Native Oral tradition 
cultures with today's digital media technologies.

For more information and registration: www.listeningground.org